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The Loch of the Dead: Frey & McGray Book 4 (A Case for Frey & McGray)

The Loch of the Dead: Frey & McGray Book 4 (A Case for Frey & McGray)

The Loch of the Dead: Frey & McGray Book 4 (A Case for Frey & McGray)

Oscar de Muriel 著



A mysterious woman pleads for the help of Inspectors Frey and 'Nine-Nails' McGray. Her son, illegitimate scion of the Koloman family, has received an anonymous death threat - right after learning he is to inherit the best part of a vast wine-producing estate.

In exchange for their protection, she offers McGray the ultimate cure for his sister who has been locked in an insane asylum after brutally murdering their parents: the miraculous waters that spring in a small island in the remote Loch Maree.

The island has been a sacred burial ground since the time of the druids, but the legends around it will turn out to be much darker than McGray could have expected. Death and increasingly bizarre happenings will intermingle throughout this trip to the Highlands, before Frey and McGray learn a terrible truth.

Praise for the Frey & McGray series:

'I enjoyed this - properly creepy and Gothic' Ian Rankin

'A hugely entertaining Victorian mystery' New York Times

'This is wonderful. A brilliant, moving, clever, lyrical book - I loved it. Oscar de Muriel is going to be a name to watch' Manda Scott

'Fun to read and a fast page-turner. Love and murder - they go together like strawberries and cream' Independent

'A brilliant mix of horror, history, and humour. Genuinely riveting with plenty of twists, this will keep you turning the pages. It's clever, occasionally frightening and superbly written ... Everything you need in a mystery thriller' Crime Review

'Fast-paced, well-researched and thoroughly spellbinding. The mismatched pair is as entertaining as Holmes and Watson at their best' Historical Novel Society

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2018年04月05日リリース 詳細・ダウンロードはこちら